Calendar of Events


CALENDAR OF EVENTS; July, Aug., Sept.  

JULY 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th:: Tuesday’s: We will have the 5 Stand Clays set up, starting at 5;30PM

JULY 20th, Saturday, 5 Stand Sporting Clays Breakfast Shoot. Breakfast served at 8:30AM. Pre registration requested; Forms may be downloaded off our website, or picked up at the League on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Must register by July 17th. 

JULY 23rd,: Tuesday; Monthly meeting at 7:00PM.

August 6th, 13th, and 20th; Tuesday’s;  5 Stand Clays starting at 5:30PM.

August 27th, Tuesday;  Monthly Meeting at 7:00PM. PLUS: last Tuesday night we will be open for practice trap & skeet shooting. 

August 28th, Wednesday: End of Summer Trap League. Team captains will be notified of events, as will STL shooters who have email addresses with us. There will be flyers posted at the League. 

September 2nd;  Monday: LABOR DAY; 85thAnniversary Celebration;  Trap Shoot and 5 Stand Clays. Registration starts at 9:00AM, and closes at 3:00PM for the shooting events.  Lunch & refreshment stand will be open.  There will be $100.00 added money for each Lewis Class for trap event . There will be $25.00 awarded to Hi- Lady and Hi-Junior shooter  as added money. There will be $100.00 added to 5 Stand sporting Clays, to be divided between classes.  Cost for 50 trap targets is $15.00, includes targets, purse and lucky number draw. Cost for 50 5 stand, $23.00 includes same as trap targets. We will have flyers posted on website and Facebook,  at the League, and emailed to members with email addresses in our system.

September 4th:  Wednesday; We will be open on Wednesday nights for practice trap and skeet shooting through October 23rd, providing we have decent turn outs. Will be open by 5:30PM. 

September 11th; Wednesday; 5 Stand Sporting Clay Event. We will move our 5 stand equipment to be set up with trap fields 1&2 to give a different layout, to include trap doubles, and other displays. We will be set up by 5:30PM. 

September 24th; Tuesday;, Monthly Meeting, 7:00PM

October 22nd; Tuesday; Monthly Meeting, 7:00PM

October 23rd; Wednesday; Last night for open trap and skeet shooting.