• October: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th:  Open for practice trap and skeet shooting, starting at  5:00PM. We will remain open on these nights, as long as shooters show up.

  • October 24th: Monthly Meeting 7:00PM

  • October 25th: Last night for League being open for practice trap & skeet.

  • November 11th & 12th; Annual Pre Deer Season Sight in Clinic. 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Open to the public. All persons sighing in must pay a $5.00 per firearm fee. MEMBERS INCLUDED. Targets, spotting scopes and qualified assistance will be provided.

  • November 28th: Monthly Meeting 7:00PM

  • December 12th:  Annual Meeting and elections of officers and directors. Dinner is planned for 6:00PM, meeting at 7:00PM, followed with a raffle.

  • January 1st, 2018:  NEW YEARS DAY TRAP SHOOT. We plan on holding a 50 target 16 yard trap shoot starting at 10;00AM. Registration will be open until 2:00PM. Public welcome. (More info will follow.)