3rd Quarter News Letter
                                         July- Aug-Sept-2017


President:         John Woodliff
Vice President:    Kent Harrington
Sect./Treas:       John Hart
Directors: Pam Gibbs, Christy Becker, Mark Pohl, Cliff Yorkson, Chuck Tews, Mark Zepplin, Larry Abrahamson Jr.

                                    SUMMER TRAP LEAGUE
We have 28 teams in the 2017 Summer Trap League. There is a good mix of youth, adults, gals and guys included participating. The following and support of family members and spectators is greatly appreciated. We are entering the second half of the Summer Trap League, and at this point,  too early to determine the team that will take the “bragging rights” for first place. Several teams are within a matter of a couple of points of each other. There have been many 25 straights broke, and a couple of 50 straights. Each week, many of our shooters improve their scores and average with continuous practice and participation.

                                        SIGHT IN RANGE
The sight range is open at 9:00AM daily until dusk. Members may bring one guest per visit. Members using the range are reminded to put the red flag up when entering the range and putting it away if you the last to leave the range. Remove targets, empty casings, and other debris when finished using the range. There is a broom, dust pan, and trash can under the range shelter for your use. Any and all cardboard and paper targets should be placed in the large “recycling” dumpster by the metal shed. For those using hand guns, you will need to bring your own target holders if shooting at a lesser distance than 25 yards. Place your target holder in line with the 25 yard berm, and at such height the projectile hits the berm and not the ground in front or behind it. Be safe, patient and respectful to other members on the range. Paper targets only are permitted on the range. A complete set of rules are posted on the range bulletin board.
There will be times the range is closed either for maintenance or police training needs. NOTE: Do not discharge firearms standing outside the range shelter.
++We are n need of League volunteers to cu brush in front of trap fields 1, 5&6 (skeet fields 1&2) and in front of skeet fields 3&4. If anyone has access to machinery to assist in cutting brush, or a small dozer to aide in pushing brush out of the way, please let us know. Members will be reimbursed for expenses of equipment rental, gasoline/oil etc. If you can help out, let me know ASAP.
++We are in process of updating trap machines for fields, 3,4,5&6. Two new MEC machines will be placed in 3&4, and two of our Pat Traps will go in 5&6.
++Continuation of maintenance projects and repairs. There may be some projects we will need help with when the time comes.

                             WHS-Comet Clay Crushers Trap Club
The CCC Trap Club will start their 4th year this school year, 2017/2018. We will be recruiting students late summer, including Freshmen entering into high school this fall. All students enrolled in Waupaca High School are eligible to shoot in this program, gals and guys alike. We have firearms to use for those in need.  Fall practice will start on Tuesday Sept. 5th. All students are required to take and pass the WI DNR Hunter Education/Firearm Safety course. Sign up sheets will be available at the Waupaca High School and at the WCL. Fall practice sets the stage for newcomers and fine tune students returning to the program. Conference shoots are scheduled to start in March of 2018. If you have or know of students interested, please pass this information along.