We had a successful Winter Trap League with 5 teams in place. It was Pam’s Bitches taking first place this winter. Glad we were able to get our shoots in before the crap hit the fan. We also lucked out with Saint Patrick’s Day shoot. Good success, with over 60 entries. 

It is unknown at this time when we will be back in operation and open for activities.  The sight in range is closed until this virus situation is under control or goes away. The Summer Trap League meeting set for April 8th is postponed. We will keep up to date the best we can. If we have a shorter season this summer, so be it. Pending on how many teams we may have, keep in mind we have 6 trap fields we can use, and may find ourselves shooting twice each night. Just need everyone to take care of themselves, and stay safe.  


  If you renew after January 31st, the fee is $45.00. A renewal form was included in your last mailing.  The League facilities will not be available for your use until the fee is paid. You may send payment via USPS, to our PO Box.  Membership includes spouse and their children through their 17th birthday. If your child turns 18 during the membership year, they will be covered till the end of he year.


Much to do here, but with the predicament we are in, some work may not get completed until we are back in operation. 

WHS TRAP CLUB                                                     

With schools being closed, the CCC activities have ceased. It is highly unlikely we will have our fund raiser shoot on April 26th. However, we will hold the 3 gun raffle at 4:00PM on the 26th. Winners will be notified by phone and or mail. Tickets may be purchased yet. Some students have tickets to sell, along with Pam Gibbs and myself.  Best is to call me at 715 258 7660 and make arrangements to purchase tickets.


We have a security system in place at the League is being monitored 24-7. 


If you have questions or concerns about the League, either call or send us an email. We are happy to hear from all and will do our best to keep all members up to date. 


 No events planned for this quarter. The officers and Board of Directors will keep in touch and take care of business the best we can, through email and phone conversations.  We will pass information on ASAP.