4th Quarter News Letter
                                         Oct-Nov-Dec 2017


President:         John Woodliff
Vice President:    Kent Harrington
Sect./Treas:       John Hart
Directors: Pam Gibbs, Christy Becker, Mark Pohl, Cliff Yorkson, Chuck Tews, Mark Zepplin, Larry Abrahamson Jr.

Another Summer Trap League has come and gone. This marked our thirtieth year, and a good time was had by all. The League ended on Wednesday August 30th 2017. We had 28 teams of guys, gals and youth participating. The team winning most points this season was Brooks Dairy Farms. Team shooters in order of earned average; Al Domasezk, Dodge Brooks, Dick Anderson, Mark Zepplin and Krista Domaszek. Congratulations and hope to see you back next year.

The sight range is open at 9:00AM daily until dusk. Members may bring one guest per visit. Members using the range are reminded to put the red flag up when entering the range and putting it away if you are  the last to leave the range. Remove targets, empty casings, and other debris when finished using the range. There is a broom, dust pan, and trash can under the range shelter for your use. Any and all cardboard and paper targets should be placed in the “ large recycling dumpster” by the metal shed. For those using hand guns, you will need to bring your own target holders if shooting at a lesser distance than 25 yards. Place your target holder in line with the 25 yard berm, and at such height the projectile hits the berm and not the ground in front or behind it. Be safe, patient and respectful to other members on the range. Paper targets only are permitted on the range. A complete set of rules are posted on the range bulletin board.

There will be times the range is closed either for maintenance or police training needs. NOTE: Do not discharge firearms standing outside the range shelter.
*October: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th:  Open for practice trap and skeet shooting, starting at  5:00PM. We will remain open on these nights, as long as shooters show up.
*October 24th: Monthly Meeting 7:00PM
*October 25th: Last night for League being open for practice trap & skeet.
*November 11th & 12th; Annual Pre Deer Season Sight in Clinic. 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Open to the public. All persons sighing in must pay a $5.00 per firearm fee. MEMBERS INCLUDED. Targets, spotting scopes and qualified assistance will be provided.
*November 28th: Monthly Meeting 7:00PM
*December 12th:  Annual Meeting and elections of officers and directors. Dinner is planned for 6:00PM, meeting at 7:00PM, followed with a raffle.
*January 1st, 2018:  NEW YEARS DAY TRAP SHOOT. We plan on holding a 50 target 16 yard trap shoot starting at 10;00AM. Registration will be open until 2:00PM. Public welcome. (More info will follow.)